Rapid Development of Vasopressin Resistance in Dietary Potassium Deficiency

Lama Al-Qusairi*, P. Richard Grimm*, Ava M. Zapf, and Paul A. Welling. journals.physiology.org/journal/ajprenal at Johns Hopkins Univ Serials Dept Electronic ( on March 28, 2021.

Dr. Lama Al-Qusairi awarded her study “Molecular Underpinning of Sexual Dimorphism in Potassium Regulation” from W. Leigh Thompson Excellence in Research: Basic Research Faculty Award

Molecular Underpinning of Sexual Dimorphism in Potassium Regulation

Mutation affecting the conserved acidic WNK1 motif causes inherited hyperkalemic hyperchloremic acidosis.

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Monthly Leducq Network Talk series on Dec/03/2020 “Potassium and Blood Pressure : Engineering and Phenotyping Mice to test the Switch Hypothesis” by Dr. Paul A. Welling, MD

Distal convoluted tubule sexual dimorphism revealed by advanced 3D imaging.

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