David H. Ellison

David H. Ellison

Professor of Medicine and Chemical Physiology & Biochemistry
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Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute
Oregon Health and Science University, SN4N
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239, USA

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David H. Ellison, M.D. is Professor of Medicine and Physiology & Pharmacology, Director of the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute, and Associate Vice President for Clinical and Translational Research at Oregon Health & Science University. Prior to assuming these roles, he was Head of the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension for 13 years, and he remains active clinically. He is also a Staff Physician at the Portland VA Medical Center. Dr. Ellison’s research focus during the last 25 years has been the mechanisms of salt and potassium transport along the renal distal tubule, with particular interest in the thiazide-sensitive NaCl cotransporter (NCC). His early studies identified this transporter as dominant in the early distal tubule, and his work contributed to the recognition that NCC mutations cause Gitelman syndrome.  More recently, he has helped unravel mechanisms underlying the monogenic disease Familial Hyperkalemic Hypertension. This has led him to identify that the distal nephron acts as a potassium switch, through the actions of WNK/SPAK signaling. His work has been instrumental in showing that plasma potassium is a dominant regulator of NCC function, and postulating that this effect results from activation of basolateral potassium channels, leading to cellular polarization and WNK.SPAK activation. His group has translated these findings to humans, and postulated that these mechanisms may explain the blood pressure lowering effects of dietary potassium loading.


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