Dr. Stowasser M. was invited for the talk “Updates on familial hyperaldosteronism”. 29th Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Hypertension), Kyoto, October 2022.

Congratulations to Dr. Stowasser. His lab is funded from Medical Research Future Fund (Clinician Researchers Initiative). 2022-2024. $2,993,294.

Detecting primary aldosteronism in Australian primary care: a prospective study.

The metabolic phenotype of patients with primary aldosteronism: impact of subtype and sex – a multicenter-study of 3566 Caucasian and Asian subjects.

Acute intravenous NaCl and volume expansion reduces sodium-chloride-cotransporter abundance and phosphorylation in urinary extracellular vesicles.

Aldosterone-producing adenoma associated with non-suppressed renin: a case series.

Jansen PM, Stowasser M.  J Hum Hypertens 2022;36:376-80.

Diagnosis and treatment of primary aldosteronism

Reincke M, Bancos I, Mulatero P, Scholl UI, Stowasser M, Williams TA. Lancet Diab Endocrinol 2021;9:876-92

Aihua Wu from Dr. Stowasser lab gave a talk “Supplementary KCl is associated with decreased abundances of sodium chloride cotransporter (NCC) and phosphorylated NCC (pNCC) in urinary extracellular vesicles (uEVs) of healthy adults maintained on a high-Na+ low-K+ diet”Asian pacific society of hypertension (APCH) annual scientific meeting (virtual), 24-28 Nov, 2021, and was selected for young inverstigator award.

Congratulation to Wu A who got Young Investigator Award, 16th Asian-Pacific Congress of Hypertension Hybrid Meeting (Online), 26-28 November, 2021, New Delhi, India